Simply Homemade Saturday – Gardening

Hi, Carolyn here with a different ‘project’ for Saturday, Simple Homemade.  I love to plant flowers, trees, whatever to beautify the yard each year.  My TIP:  recycle old broken planters, even plastic Easter baskets!

When my sister was replanting the Christmas Cactus from this planter to another planter, I grabbed it as the center of the bottom of the planter broke from the base, and thought, “I can use this for Hens & Chicks Cactus.” Went to Home Depot and located these small cactus, (they looked like the photo I saw online of Hen & Chicks cactus ) and purchase 3 small cactus and planted last evening.
I have a small order of Hen & Chicks plants coming this next week that I will place within the pot.
I hope you enjoy what I have accomplished in my little garden; and thank you for visiting with us today.  Stop on over at Scrapbook Blessings Club for more inspiration.  Blessings to all.

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