Apple Mini-album

This Apple Mini-Album was to be for a challenge scheduled for this weekend, but I did not finish in time to submit to the Challenge co-ordinator, so will be posted here, today.  I had to cut out the pages at least 3 x’s before I was satisfied with the results.  And I used my SCAL3 and Silhouette Studio DE software for designing and cutting purposes.  And the album is still a work in progress, as I have more decorating to do on the pages.

So here are the main pages of the album.


Front Cover
This album is in the shape of an Apple.  I used several files here and welded together a black shadow for the ABC-123 title to be layered.  The backpack image is from .  The other files in this creation from various vendors that I download freebies or buy from occasionally.
Page 4
The Apple is cut out in black card stock representing a black chalkboard/blackboard and I created and welded five apples along the bottom edge.  And cut out leaves and stem, oh little pieces are such fun. LOL.  The chalkboard is a frame that I attached the bottom edge to to hold the eraser and chalk.  And once I decide if I am going to add a photo, it will be inserted in the opening; and the chalkboard laid onto the chalkboard card stock with foam tape so a photo can be added.
Page 6
Created a page with the Bookworm coming out the end of the Apple.  This can be used for photos, or embellishments of a school theme, not sure yet.
Page 9
Another page to decorate with school theme embellishments (such as a school desk, titles, school books, etc).  I added a brown stem to the Apple to continue with the theme.
This is taken to show one of the pages I created for this mini-album.    And finally, the back cover:
Back cover
The coloring in the photo is not the greatest.  Shows up as blueish when it’s actually green plaid design paper from my paper stash.  Added the leaf to the top.
The above pages, except for the orange one, is cut out of poster board (my substitute for chipboard – my Silhouette Cameo will cut poster board!)  Than I covered the poster board with colored card stock from my stash of card stock.  I had bound this with binding rings and my Cinch binding system, but I just was not comfortable with it, so opted for the book rings which can be a blessing – they can be open up to add more Apple shape pages.
Thank you for stopping be to visit with me, and hugs to all of you xoxo.

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