H.S. Senior Album

Good morning peeps.  I am here with my first DT project for CEDDT using my Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette Studio DE software.  I love, love this machine as I can do so much with it and the software is easy to create projects the way I would like them to be.

My grandson graduated from high school on June 2, 2013 and this album will be about him and for him to look through.  I am planning to create at four albums from Freshman through Senior years, and have started with his Senior year.  Here is the cover of the first set of books:


The school locker and banner with Senior from a file from http://www.creativekuts.com . The year, 2013 is my creation, and all cut out with my Cameo.  The background covering for the title page is covered with vinyl (I decided that glue-ing card stock to the chipboard does not always work for me, doesn’t stay glued.)  And than I placed black and white polka dot washi tape along the edges, and my plans to bind is to use my Cinch binder and attached binding rings.

The first page of the album is a photo of my grandson, D. J. and the name title is print and cut with the Silhouette Cameo and software.  I painted the letters with the Fill Gradient colors, using blue.  I offset the letters to create the shadow blackout.  The dashes created by copying the individual letters and using the Internal Offset option, created a letter and replaced the solid line with dashes, and than placed over the original letter, and grouped it; and than print and cut


I bought protective sheets for the album, like you would have in a 12×12 book and will be placing the individual pages in the pages to protect them, and place in the album, lining up the pages with the cover binding and attached to the book.  Come on back next month for another installment of the Senior Album.

Stop by my blog at Granny Ma’s Creations for my other projects.

Thank you for stopping by, and hugs to all.


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