CK Crop-on-Line Recipe Club

This was the first page of the Recipe Card Club over at Creative Kuts that I have finished.  Each month, for 4 weeks we receive a page to complete for a recipe book for $5.00 per month.
I am hoping to have enough to finish this for my granddaughter who is getting married in August, 2013 (Labor Day weekend).
Here is the cover for the recipe book that I am creating.  I removed the chipboard from a three ring binder and decorated.
The title is my creation and the ladle and spatula are files received Creative Kuts for thanking us for being participants in the Club.  I used black and white polka dot washi tape for top and bottom edges and will be using my Cinch binding machine to create the holes when I am finished.  I am considering putting my granddaughter’s name over the pink and white polka dot area….to personalize it for her.

I will post each additional page as I complete it.  Thank you visiting with me today, and continue to follow along with me as I proceed to finish this project


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